Lydia Idem

Lydia Idem oversees Fund Administration, Investor Relations, Portfolio Management, Finance, Compliance, Communications, and Human Resources.

Lydia is a fund manager and investment advisor who has been an investor and trader for more than 25 years in both private and public investments. She has spent her career investing in startup companies in Africa and Latin America at the early stage. She sits on the board of directors of organizations serving on their respective finance and executive committees, utilizing her financial and analytical skills to determine optimal investment opportunities and capital utilization for these organizations. Lydia has been a special guest on Yahoo! Finance, featured in FORBES Magazine and CNNMoney, and named #3 of the Top 10 Women To Follow In Finance. In 2014, she launched a registered investment advisory firm with a mission to empower more people to become informed, impactful investors.

Lydia has a Master of Science in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University.

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