At LoftyInc Capital, we stand by every founder we invest in from day one, with our expert portfolio support team and global network of professionals. Together, we lighten your load, allowing you to focus on your core vision.

At LoftyInc Capital, we are committed to supporting every founder we invest in, starting from day one. Our dedicated portfolio support team consists of in-house experts and a vast global network of operational professionals who collaborate closely with your team on value-adding projects. By shouldering some of the weight, we empower you to focus on executing your core vision.

Strategic Growth

Our in-house team, along with our extensive industry network of entrepreneurs and executives, bring invaluable experience in guiding companies through all stages of startup expansion. We are dedicated to providing the same level of support to you. ‍

We assist founders in crafting robust go-to-market strategies, creating compelling strategic narratives, and defining and measuring product-market fit to successfully position and launch their products. For companies at more advanced stages, we offer guidance in optimizing customer engagement and retention through opportunity and product-led growth models and strategies.

International Expansion

LoftyInc Capital understands the potential for growth and market expansion beyond borders.

We actively support our portfolio companies in their international expansion efforts. Leveraging our global network and expertise, we provide valuable guidance on market analysis, regulatory compliance, cultural nuances, and strategic partnerships in target markets.

Our team works closely with founders to develop tailored strategies, navigate international challenges, and seize opportunities for growth in new geographies. We believe in the power of global expansion and are committed to helping our portfolio companies unlock their full potential on the international stage.


As a founder within our ecosystem, you'll gain from our proficient community and accumulated knowledge. Absorb insights from field professionals, fellow initiators, and our extensive collection of resources, disseminating wisdom at each juncture of your journey.

Our internal team, coupled with our expansive business network of businesspersons and executives, bring priceless expertise in shepherding firms through every phase of startup expansion. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide you with expert assistance.


Events for founders across the continent, webinars with industry experts, 1:1 introductions

Knowledge sharing:

Interactive workshops, webinars and coaching for pitches


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Strategic Partners

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