The Startup Sensations Podcast ft Marsha Wulff Join us for an exciting new episode of The Startup Sensations Podcasts, where founding partner Marsha Wulff , took them on a journey through her experiences, from the unexpected challenges she faced during her debut in Africa to the inspiring stories of resilience and entrepreneurship she witnessed among […]

2023 In Review “One of the biggest mistakes investors make is to look at the last few years and assume that’s the new norm.” — Francois Rochon Going by all available reports, 2023 was a slow year in terms of funds raised by African startups and the number of African deals done. However, for a […]

Beyond The Bushes: How Diversity Builds Value When I was a small girl looking at a vast ocean, I asked my father how he had spotted a tiny boat. “Just let your eye scan the horizon above the water, slowly moving from one side to the other,” he replied. “That way your peripheral vision will […]

VPN Services Opinions VPN solutions offer several benefits, but their main gain is a increased degree of privacy and secureness. They also allow you to unblock articles from countries with severe on line censorship, making them an excellent decision for a a comprehensive portfolio of uses. An established VPN does not keep virtually any logs, […]

Retaining Young Tech Talent in Africa's Competitive Tech Landscape Introduction: In an increasingly competitive global landscape, retaining young tech talent is crucial for Africa’s tech ecosystem to thrive. This post explores the challenges faced by the continent and outlines potential solutions for retaining talent and attracting foreign talent. By fostering an environment that promotes political […]

The most active investors in Africa Nearly 1,500 investors have been involved in at least one deal in Africa in the past couple of years… and that’s excluding angels! All of them are contributing to the growth of the ecosystem, but some are just taking things to a whole different level. This week we’re having […]